Make a One-Time Gift to Lighthouse Corinth

The Lighthouse Foundation of Corinth is dependent upon the generosity and stewardship of the people of our community. We believe God has given us a clear vision and mission to help change lives in our city, but we cannot accomplish that mission or fulfill that vision without the generosity of our supporters. Thank you for making your gift and supporting the ministry of the Lighthouse!

Thank You For Giving to Lighthouse Corinth!

Lighthouse Corinth Online Donation via Paypal

To make your gift to Lighthouse Corinth, please click on the “GIVE NOW” button. You will see options for donating $25, $50, $100 or any amount. If you would like to make your gift a recurring monthly contribution, you will also see a box for “Make My Gift Monthly”. Please select your gift amount and then select the box “Make My Gift Monthly” if you want this to be a recurring monthly gift. If you do not select the box, it will be a one-time gift.

Please click on the “GIVE NOW” graphic (on the right for desktop/laptop users or just below for iPhone/Droid users) to be taken to our Paypal Donation page.