The Lighthouse Foundation Programs

The Lighthouse Foundation is blessed to be able to offer a wide range of programs for kids, teens, and their families. From programs aimed at improving education to events that simply help people in a season of need, the programs offered by the Lighthouse Foundation make a difference in the everyday life – and in the future – of people in our community. Explore the list of opportunities below.

Sharing the Love of Christ


Every summer the Lighthouse takes a large group of youngsters to Kids Across America (KAA) summer camp in Branson, Missouri.  KAA is a Christian sports camp for disadvantaged, inner-city youth from across the country.  The camp’s superb Christian Counselors, many of them successful college athletes, use the challenges of an outdoor camp experience to teach young people the merits of a “Christ-centered” life.  Some lives are dramatically changed and these youth return home to make a Christian impact on their neighborhood and school.


Boyz2Men is a 7th-8th grade boys leadership program, encouraging young men to set goals and pursue a vision for their lives. The groups meet weekly with volunteer group leaders and guest speakers. Participants are challenged in areas of academic performance, community service and integrity.


Refined is a 7th-8th grade leadership program for girls, encouraging and teaching young women to set goals and pursue a vision for their lives. The groups meet weekly with volunteer group leaders and guest speakers. Participants are challenged in the areas of academic performance, community service and integrity.


The Lighthouse Foundation has partnered with local schools and parents to identify at-risk students who are in need of a little extra help.  Staff members visit the schools weekly to develop relationships with these students and provide encouragement and accountability.


During the school year, the Lighthouse Foundation sponsors an after-school tutoring program for grades K-6, staffed by dedicated volunteers. The tutoring takes place Monday-Thursday during the school year at The Lighthouse Foundation building on South Johns Street.  Positive incentives are given after each six weeks grading period for improvement in grades and conduct.


The GED (General Education Diploma) program takes place at the Lighthouse Foundation building on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:00 am until noon.  This program gives peoples from our community the opportunity to acquire a new job or enhance their existing job by working for and obtaining their high school diploma.


Our summer program starts at the beginning of June and goes through the end of July. Students must be in 3rd grade and above. Lunch is served daily and there is no fee to participate. Program hours are 9:30-1:30 Monday-Thursday.


In 1995 the Lighthouse Foundation began a Toy Store during the Christmas season for families who are in need of some hope and cannot provide gifts for their children on Christmas morning. Using an interview and referral process, qualifying families are able to register and shop for their loved ones at little or no cost to them. The store is set up and run by volunteers, and individuals providing new toys. Last year, the Toy Store provided gifts for 1000 children.


The STARS Program is centered around introducing our 4th grade-6th grade girls to the arts (dance, song, painting, poetry, etc.). Volunteer group leaders and other community organizations help to make this a fun and educational opportunity.


Da House AAU basketball team plays nationally with the intent of promoting Christ through the game of basketball and helping youth gain college scholarships through the game. Da House basketball is coached by Lighthouse Director Gary Caveness.


The Lighthouse Thanksgiving Classic brings some of the very best basketball from around the southeast to play in a premiere tournament event. The Thanksgiving Classic provides funds for The Lighthouse as well as a platform for our local basketball players to see how they match up against some of the best from around the country.


The 30/30 Reading Challenge is a challenge to the entire Corinth community, kids and adults alike, to read at least 30 minutes each day for 30 consecutive days in November. Even though the program emphasizes reading as a lifestyle for elementary age students, people of all ages participate. Prizes are awarded for the most avid readers.


The Lighthouse Foundation of the Border is our international ministry partner located in Haiti. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. Our work in Haiti includes annual mission trips where youth from Corinth travel to Haiti in order to experience mission work in a different culture. We also provide ongoing support for the team there which includes financial support, spiritual support and various physical needs.


The Lighthouse Music program includes a youth choir and a recording studio. The youth in the program learn to sing and perform at different events in the community. The recording studio is a new addition where the students are able to sing and record in a sound proof booth.


Every Friday morning at 7:00am men from all races, denominations and socioeconomic backgrounds gather to pray. It is here that the vision for the Lighthouse Foundation began.


Located at the Lighthouse, a group of men from the Master Gardeners of Alcorn County have partnered with us to teach young men about gardening while providing fresh produce to the community.