When You Give, Great Things Happen

Our donors are the lifeline of our foundation. The Lighthouse Foundation offers help and hope to kids and families in need because generous people are willing to give from their own resources. And when you give, great things happen. From kids learning to read and write to teens having a life-changing experience at summer camp, every dollar you give goes directly to helping people right here in our own backyard. If you are interested in giving to The Lighthouse Foundation, you can use the form below and make a donation through PayPal. You can also get in touch with us at The Lighthouse Foundation and make your donation in person. Whichever you choose, thank you for supporting us!


No Gift Is Too Small

Online donations made to The Lighthouse Foundation of Corinth are processed by PayPal, Inc. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a statement of your donation for tax purposes each January.

Please Note: PayPal will add a 2.9% transaction charge to each donation you make. Please take this into account when making your donation. If you donate $100, $2.90 will be taken out to process the transaction. You will receive credit for the full amount of your donation on your tax statement. 

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Thank You from the Lighthouse